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Sunday, November 22, 2009

The SeCrEt of LiFe

The Secret of life has long been suppressed through ages. Great personalities have just passed it on among themselves but never shared it with the world . Einstein , Newton ,Edison , Hugo , Emerson ,Beethoven , Lincoln the list goes on .

The Secret is the LAW OF ATTRACTION . The law that binds the world .
The law that rules our lives -NO -> We are the creators of that attraction . Do you want to know how?????????

When you hold thoughts in your mind , you are certainly attracting that thought which will eventually become the reality.Whatever is going on your mind , is attracting to you.We are the magnets of attraction.Hold on to the thoughts of what you want , make it clear in your mind,it then invokes the greatest law-The Law of Attraction.You become what you think about most ,more than that you attract what you think about most. Thoughts become things. Every thought has a frequency.Thoughts are sending the magnetic signals that is drawing the parallel back to you.It works everytime.Some people think about what they don't want and it shows up again and again. Law of attraction just responds to your thoughts be it negative or positive.

When you are looking at a thing you want ( say a car , bike ) , you are saying Yes to it you are actually activating that thought and law of attraction is responding to that and bringing it to you , the same way when you feel that you don't want a thing , you are saying No to it ,law of attraction responds to it and is giving it to you .Law of attraction is always working whether you understand it or not and believe it or not .When you think something is bad , you are actually creating your thought to be bad .Through your thoughts emotions are created.Emotions are the best way to know whether you are off-track or on-track.They give the FEEDBACK. The better you feel , the more you are in alignment with the thing that pleases you.

A very good example is when you get up in the morning and feel its going to be a good day - everything goes on well and smoothly but when you feel its not going to be good ( for us indians getting on the wrong side of the bed) we feel that the day is not going to be good and at the end of the day we would have had a bad day.

When you are having bad feelings , bad thoughts think of something beautiful , listen to a song , sing a song for yourself.And they just vanish.

There are three steps for the LAW OF ATTRACTION

1. Ask
2. Answer
3. Receive

When you want something think of it visualize it , universe will make it happen to you , you don't need to know how universe will arrange itself and when the universe answers-bring yourself in alignment with what you want through the feeling of passion ,gratitude,happiness.
As Paulo Coelho puts "When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."

Some Powerful processes that you should know
Gratitude- Be happy with what you have , think what you can achieve with that little something which is indeed special .
Visualization- Imagine what you want in life , visualize yourself as a person you are going to be in the future ,leading life happily and with full content.

Always think about happier thoughts. Thoughts and emotions are continuously reassembling ,recreating our body . Any stress , illness can be cured if you have your thoughts in the positive outlook that you will be fine , happy .

"Follow ur bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls."

Well my friends you may think this absolute %$*@ but it is TRUE.
I actually got this information from a documentary named SECRET that i watched. It made me think if it was possible. I just traced back to my past years- I wanted some things in life , to do certain things in life and today - I HAVE IT ALL , COMPLETED WHAT I WANTED TO DO BECAUSE THOSE THINGS WERE ALWAYS ON MY MIND and lo behold I have done all that .It surprised me , it is very intriguing my friends but its true .I have personally felt it. I know its all there around me , the thoughts , the feelings the attractions.

You still may not believe it but think for a moment about your past goals ,aims ,objectives and you will certainly have atleast one/ two / many goals you have achieved whether you are aware of them or not , you certainly would have .

Its all thanks to this documentary - THE SECRET
Do watch it , if you come across it.
Here is the link related to it -www.thesecret.tv

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wild or Life

Ever thought about running away from home .
Ever thought about going far away where no one can reach you .
Ever thought about leading a life for yourself .
Ever thought about finding the truth about life .

Well i do think about this every now and then . Especially questioning , why should we lead our lives by some rules of LIFE ( SOCEITY is the appropriate word ). Education , degree ,career ,family ,success , death . Is this what life is all about? Guess I am on the lines of my very first post The Awakening .

I won't bore you readers with my intriguing philosophy , I will just narrate a story.

I shall name the protagonist as 'Supertramp' .
Supertramp was a strongwilled person , a great athlete , a leader in his college days .
He came from an upper middleclass family , his father worked for NASA , his mother worked for Hughes aircraft and he had a younger sister.

His academic success and his background made him show contempt for the soceity , the materialistic world. This urges him to abandon this materialistic ,conventional world .
He sets out into the wild with courage ,idealism , willpower ,spirit to know the truth about life. He destroys his credit cards ,money(burns them) and donates his savings to charity .
He doesn't tell his family about where he is going .

He starts his journey to reach alaska where he feels true knowledge will be found . He gets caught in a flash flood , he abandons his car .He comes across a hippie couple who are friendly and he spends little time with them . He then journeys ahead and starts working in a farm to make a living and learns about farming and he moves on after the farmer gets arrested . He forays into the colarado river illegaly and gets to mexico . Later on travels back to LA in a goods train . He feels an urge to call home but he withdraws the idea . He meets up with an old leather worker who wants to adopt him but supertramp moves on .

After two years of abandoning his conventional life , he reaches alaska and comes across a dirty neglected school bus and makes it his home and names it the ' Magic Bus' .
He starts hunting rabbits , other animals and feeds on them . He is spellbound by the beauty , the silence ,the nature . He keeps a diary for filling his thoughts , reads books about the wild , the flora and fauna . By and by his supplies run out and he decides to cross the stream but the current of the stream bars the way . So he returns and tries to live on some plants and berries but he makes a costly mistake and consumes a poisoned wild pea instead of a wild potato and thus he dies of starvation .

This is not just a story but a 'Real- life Story' of Christopher Johnson McCandless , a man who believed in himself to reach the truth of life . He eventually writes in his journal 'Happiness is real when shared'

I salute this man for his courage ,endurance ,patience , idealism and many things more .
And he was merely 24 years when he died .
And he called himself Alexander Supertramp.

Here are some quotes of Christopher McCandless from his diary .

Christopher McCandless: Rather than love, than money, than faith, than fame, than fairness… give me truth.

Christopher McCandless: I’m supertramp.
[looks at apple]
Christopher McCandless: and you’re super apple!

Christopher McCandless: The core of mans’ spirit comes from new experiences.

Christopher McCandless: Conscious attention to the basics of life, and a constant attention to your immediate environment and its concerns, example- A job, a task, a book; anything requiring efficient concentration (Circumstance has no value. It is how one relates to a situation that has value. All true meaning resides in the personal relationship to a phenomenon, what it means to you).

Christopher McCandless: I read somewhere… how important it is in life not necessarily to be strong… but to feel strong.

Christopher McCandless: Some people feel like they don’t deserve love. They walk away quietly into empty spaces, trying to close the gaps of the past.

Christopher McCandless: If we admit that human life can be ruled by reason, then all possibility of life is destroyed.

Christopher McCandless: What if I were smiling and running into your arms? Would you see then what I see now?

I just love this quote .....................

“The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.”

Courtesy : Into the Wild movie directed by Sean Penn(must watch if you liked the story)
Googled the quotes.

PS : Thanks to a friend of mine who suggested this movie to me . Thank you and here is a review(sort of) of the movie you asked.


Shreya Malli : hey i got eliminated in one of ur wars..lol :) :) shaheed jawan.. :D pay ur tribute.. :) :)

Shwetha Krish : zreyaaaaa u were against me i guess

Shwetha Krish : wel its ok i pay tribute to u ma friend jissne mera saath nahin diya , mujhe dokha diya par main tumhe maaf karti hoon aur tumhe shanti mile ........

Shreya Malli : no i was in ur team..against sanjay.. :( :( jawan ka naam tak pata nahin.. :(

Shwetha Krish : teek teek hain hume aur mat tang karo aur shanti se swarg ko ghumo :-) hbzs

Shreya Malli : nahin!!! dosti naam ki koi cheez hi nahin raha!! :( :(

Shwetha Krish : dost ko chod kar swarg chale gaye !!!!!! aur dosti ke bare me baat karte ho bade bade

Shreya Malli : teek hai aajao swarg..ticket dilwaathi hun.. lol :)

Shwetha Krish : teek hain mere dost main aati hoon , mujhe gold class ki ticket dilwaon :-) aur ser achcha hona chaiye , nahin ho toh main wapas katlungi aapne jagah , aur mujhe ticket abhi chaiye , main aur nahin rahe sakti tumhare bina

Shreya Malli : online ticket bhej rain hun..print out lelo..gold class nahin europa hi bhejthi hun.. :-)

Shwetha Krish : teek hain chalega , security check hogi kya , main tumhare liya snacks lek kar aaongi aur mcdy ki filet-o-fish bhi lek kar aaongi aur kuch chaiye

Shreya Malli : mujhe chicken maharaja chahiye :) par kya bhooth kha sakte hain? mere mann main doubt hai..test karna padega..

Shwetha Krish
: bhoot toh boring hote hain , hum vamp kyun nahin ban sakte , tum carlisle ko doondo aur vamp ban jao aur tum mujhe baad mein vamp banao bella ki tarah teek hain na

Shreya Malli : haan main alice ban jaathi hun..bella ki kaas dost.. :)

Shreya Malli : par mujhe jasper nahin edward chahiye.. :(

Shwetha Krish : goli maaro un sabko hum kissi aur vampires ko doond lenge ,aur khoobsurat , aur thanda , aur sachche vampire , woh junoon hona chaiye usme

Shreya Malli : haha..milega..zaroor milega..aise toh edward ke baap ko hi pataana padega!! haha.. :)

Shwetha Krish : dheere se bolo esme yahin kahin hogi , baap hi sahin tumhare liye ,main shahid ya ben affleck ko vampire banaungi aur kaun hain " iss duniya se mujhe bachao "kehnewale

Shreya Malli
: ben affleck ya shahid se tho carlisle young hai..aur koi bhi nahin hain..yo carlisle!! sacchai aur acchai ke great combination!! :D

Shreya Malli : side hato esme!! :)

Shwetha Krish : esme toh baag jayegi tumhe dekh kar woh bhi vamp ke roop me,
shahid hi hoga chote miyan woh flendid hain ,fmart hain , fuper hain aur woh dhan te nan song bhi gaata hain

PS: tum fhortcut lo , me chota fhortcut leti hoon

Shreya Malli : fhortcut better hain..dhyan rako fhahid flendid zaroor hain par ufke girlfrendf kitne hain..ufe control mein rako..warna fhortcut ke badle poora fhort circuit ho jaayega :D

Shwetha Krish : wahin to fhort circuit ke baad woh shaheed hoga toh vampire banega aur hum dono ' vamp te vam te va vava ' gayenge
PS: kya Idea vampjee!!!!!!!

Shwetha Krish : hum shud hindi me 'lol' bolenge - 'hbzs'- hasso bahar zor se -yeh toh vamp style hain boss :-)

Shreya Malli : vamp te vamp te vava gate raho! aur peeche se priyanka,kareena,vidya aur sania bhajaane aajayenge..

Shreya Malli : sahin mein..hbzs..kaise kaise ideas hain aapke paas vaampjee!! hbzs.. :D

Shwetha Krish : woh log guitar , saxophone bhajaane aayenge ,humare yeh naye avatar swagat karne ke liye
PS: karo naya ( do the new - docomo) hbzs :-)

Shreya Malli : hbzs..guitar,saxophone sab tum donon ko do bhajaane laayenge.. swaagath ke sapno mein khogayi kya? swarg jaane ki flight ka tym ho gaya hai.. :D
P.S: karo bhoondon ko (DO THE DEW!!) hbzs :D

Shwetha Krish : chalo hum nikalte hain , aur phir wahan aakar baat karungi ,mera maan nahin lagraha hain yahan , aapko milne se mera haazoron khwaish pure honge

Shreya Malli : meri bi..chalonikalte hain.. ticket laana mat bhoolo.. :) tata ambani birla.. :D
Shwetha Krish : meerabai !!!!!!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Lost At Sea

It was the beginning of a new year , i was excited to face it ,embrace it ............... but my excitement did falter.

I was on a ship which would set sail to the destination i presumed. Was trying to feel at home when all of a sudden there was a storm so fierce that put me out into the cold sea . I had a life jacket and thought i would make it to the shore but it tore away adding to my woes.

I was lost,confused,perturbed as to which direction would take me to the shore .During the day i could see land far off where i wouldnt belong so i never felt to make an attempt . During the night there always used to be a star(my angel) shining high up in the sky , it gave me hope , hope that i was still alive ..........

Some days i could see many islands and i wondered whether they could be the land of my dreams , i did venture into a couple of the islands but i had to return , it was not for me to rest before i had some promises to keep .

There were days when i felt depressed and i sunk into the feeling. I turned out to be a maniac that i started enjoying the feeling , i wanted to experience this phase , i was drowned in it , i loved the silence , i loved the feeling of being alone at sea .

For days together i was lost and one fine day , i saw the light house nearby . I was delighted on seeing it , swam till i reached the shore. Before i could rest i saw a ship nearby ready to leave , well i did take the decision to climb onto it and face the seas for it wasn't the end but just the beginning of a journey to reach my destination.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Superman

A man who made his destiny
A man who pursued his dreams
A man who rose above his fears
A man who thrashed his difficulties

He helped me walk my first few steps
He showed me a whole new world to tread
He made me strong to face the rough seas
He encouraged me with the things i loved

Of a bond that is felt
Of a love thats shared
Of a life thats led
Is what i can give everyday
Hey dad Happy Father's Day!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009


I have always had queries on the life that we lead , it seemed to me weird , shallow , surprising . Fortunately , i came upon this book "The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand".It really helped me to see life in a different perspective which seemed very mystique to me.

I would like to share some excerpts from The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand.Hope you enjoy it.

To quote Ayn Rand-"My philosophy,in essence,is the concept of man as a heroic being ,with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life,with productive achievement as his noblest activity , and reason as his only absolute."

Here are some excerpts-which is by the character Howard Roark who speaks for his testimony.

"Throughout the centuries there were men who took first steps down new roads armed with nothing but their own vision.Their goals differed ,but they all had this in common:that the step was first,the road new,the vision unborrowed ,and the response they received -hatred."

"His vision ,his strength,his courage came from his own spirit . A man' spirit, however is his self.That entity which is his consciousness. To think,to feel,to judge,to act are functions of the ego."

"The creator's concern is the conquest of nature.The parasite's concern is the conquest of men.The creator lives for his work.He need no other men .His primary goal is within himself.The parasite lives second-hand .He needs others .Others become his prime motive."

"The basic need of the creator is independence.The reasoning mind cannot work under ant form of compulsion.It cannot be curbed,sacrificed or subordinated to any consideration whatsoever."

"The basic need of the second-hander is to secure his ties with men in order to be fed.He places relations first.He declares that man exists in order to serve others.He preaches altruism."

"Altruism is the doctrine which demands that man live for others and place others above self."

"No man can live for another.He cannot share his spirit just as he cannot share his body.But the second-hander has used altruism as a weapon of exploitation and reversed the base of mankind' moral principles."

"Men have been taught that the highest virtue is not to achieve , but to give.Yet one cannot give that which has not been created."

"Men have been taught that it is a virtue to agree with others.But the creator is the man who disagrees."

"Men have been taught that the ego is the synonym of evil,and selflessness the ideal of virtue.But the creator is the egotist in the absolute sense,the selfless man is the one who does not think,feel,judge,or act."

"As poles of good and evil,he has offered two conceptions:egotism and altruism.Egotism was held to mean the sacrifice of others to self.Altruism-the sacrifice of self to others.This tied man irrevocably to other men and left him nothing but a choice of pain:his own pain for the sake of others or pain inflicted upon others for the sake of the self."

"The choice is not self-sacrifice or domination.The choice is independence or dependence."

"The egotist in the absolute sense is not the man who sacrifices others. He is the man who stands above the need of using others in any manner.He does not exist for any other man and he asks no other man to exist for him.This is the only form of brotherhood and mutual respect possible between men."

Well hope you enjoyed!!!!!!!!

Will be back with some more.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Life - A Charisma

A Life that i knew not
Made me a zealot
For every surprise that came about
Made me take life as a maggot

A Life that i imagined
Turned sore to my visions
To God i pleaded
For making life a celebration

A Life that i tread
Seemed a roller-coaster ride
Against my view of a mead
Where i decided to abide

A Life that i live
Is an abode of knowledge
From my soul i give
That is what i pledge

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Gone are those days............

I remember my first day at school ...i was apprehensive,lost, angry at mom and dad . I was wondering why should i go to school? ,why can't i study at home? . None of these questions made sense to mom and dad , i was forced to go .Thus , started my education!!!!!!!

I got accustomed to the environment days passed into months ,months into years and well the D day arrived of my farewell party at School. And i thought i had just started . Hmmmm let me share my experiences at school .

School was my second home , i just loved it - playing with friends, participating in innumerable competitions, extra-curricular activities , sports , field-trips ,excursions . The fights , the affection , the friendship , the trust between us friends whoa it was life!!!!! We used to play UNO , hangman , trump cards ,killer and a lot more between classes and free hours making a hell lot of noise. It was heaven and we used to wait for free hours or we would coax the teacher to give us one. We all had a craze over playing Table Tennis and we used to rush in the lunch break to play it .Well as i already told it was LIFE!!!!!!!!
I could go on and on but most importantly i learnt values i wanted in my life , something which i can't express but i am sure the person i am today its because of these values i hold close to my heart . My early education at school taught me not about math ,physics,history ....... but a little about myself , about the world i should live in , the path i should tread on , the dreams i should pursue and most importantly about the person i should be , to know myself .

Well Pre-University years .........well they just passed without any memories .

Then followed four years of me studying B.E. . Well these four years were fun because it was fast-paced and friends ofcourse , wonder what i would do without them!!!!!!! Its true the journey becomes enjoyable when there are friends that make the journey all the more interesting. I remember the days we bunked classes and watched movies , the trips , the canteen!!!, the fests , the days we used to sleep in classes , i think it was almost everyday!!!!!!! On the whole these four years were awesome.
I learnt a lot about myself , my strengths, my weaknesses . I saw a complete different me everyday . I learnt to see life in a very different perspective , charged up to face the challenging world.

Gone are those days which exemplified ' Ignorance is Bliss'
Gone are those days where nothing was amiss
Gone are those days when life was a fantasy
Gone are those days with pure ecstasy

Gone are those days........

Thursday, June 4, 2009

It Happened To Me...............

Well i would like to share interesting scenes of my life till date..........and the protagonist of all the scenes is ............well let me start with my first scene......

I was probably three or four years old when this happened....my sister was learning cycle in summer vacations , i remember it was a brand new BSA SLR bicycle colored maroon i guess and my dad used to take her to a nearby playground for her to practice, well on one of the very fortunate days dad took me along and he made sit as a pillion on the bicycle and he was helping my sister to balance the cycle and she was managing the bicycle pretty well and she gained speed obviously because my dad started running along with her and she was cycling away to glory and lo behold my left foot got stuck in the spokes of the rear wheel , i really don't remember what i was doing and my dad realized after 5 minutes or so........by then the skin of my left foot near the ankle was scraped off and blood was oozing out. I remember dad carrying me and taking me to the hospital ..........thats all i remember.

Hmmm my second endeavour is pretty scary ..........

This happened when i was six or seven years old......On one fine day i set out with my dad and uncle in the car and my dad and uncle got out of the car to wait for........i don't remember and they were standing on the pavement and i was left all alone in the car , well the music in the car was really irritating me and i wanted to switch it off. I called out to my uncle and he instructed me to turn the key towards myself hmmmmmmmmm a hard instruction to be followed !!!!!!! I wonder If i was deaf? or immature? or sheer careless? because i started the engine (turned the key opposite to my side)and ...........what do you expect ?...............accident , lives lost , me ............ !!!!!!!!! Well as soon as it started it started bumping up and down and my uncle came rushing down to my side to turn off the engine and he succeeded , well i was relieved but just a few seconds back i was dumbstruck , shocked to the core!!!!!!!! I didnt know what to do? I thought i will go dashing everybody on the road left and right!!!!!!!!! Well lucky me the parking brake was engaged if not there would have been some unforeseen circumstances. I still remember that day and thats the first thing that comes to my mind when i see or think about cars.

Moving onto my third funny experience.......

I had gone shopping with my sister to Jayanagar , the place which i detest when i am driving because i don't remember the one-ways and the place seems sort of confusing to me all the time. Well we were done with our shopping and i went to take my kinetic honda out of the parking area amd my sister was paying the parking fee. I started the engine and then i heard my sister' voice behind me , so i started moving , wondering which way to take to reach home and i had gone some 2kms away suddenly i sensed the pillion seat to be empty.......the first thought that crossed my mind was that my sister had fallen off the bike......then i started racking my brains , by then my sister called on my cellphone, she started to blast me , well actually she was laughing away to glory........she had actually paid the parking fee and she was talking to the security guard and i had thought she was talking to me and i vroomed the bike thinking she was sitting behind me, funny me...... Well i had no idea how to go back to my sister because of the place .......i already told you....and again my sister started blasting away to glory........and then i somehow managed to reach her and then she did certainly hop on to the back of the bike well it was a bad day after all....but funny too. My sister still reminds me about the incident and giggles away!!!!!!!

Well you must have guessed the protagonist.......vehicles , be it a cycle,car , bike ....and me being the antagonist.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Soft skills

My effort at writing poetry for a presentation at SISL, Kharghar.

Home to Rome:

Entered a life so new

Our Enthusiasm did brew

Of individuality we knew

But as team we grew.

Complete Business Communication:

Unprepared we came,

Unleashed our talents,

Unbraided our mayhem,

And acquired an enlightenment.

College To Corporate:

Bent upon ways to solving problems,

Learnt a way to welcome problems

Of a road that seemed obscuring

With an action plan became inviting.

Social & Business Etiquette:

A stone which seemed rugged

Turned to gem carved & polished.

Time Management:

Time that whizzed past us

Made our days disastrous

Now with a 'Do It' plan

Makes Self Management a Boon.

Creativity & Innovation:

Imagination Breeds Creativity,

Action breeds Innovation

With a spur of energy

Leads to ultimate fascination.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


An experience that i will always cherish.

Well i was bound to go on an industrial training to Mumbai for a period of three months and i was excited , nervous and ecstatic . It was my first long endeavour away from home and i was pretty lost.

Well the D day arrived and i left for mumbai alongwith my friends. It was a day journey from Bangalore and we reached Dadar and then caught a taxi to our destination , Kharghar , Navi Mumbai.
Kharghar is a very nice place surrounded by hills and was busy only during the rush hour , thanks to the highway nearby.

I wont fill in the details about the training but will surely do so on mumbai.

Our journey in mumbai started with us exploring Kharghar -checked out the restaurants , icecream parlours , shopping areas .........well i did explore the kharghar hills eventhough it was a restricted area and i still remember the view of the sunrise from the hill ,it was scintillating.

Mumbai - City of dreams ...............

I wonder how the city works ? Its a fast paced life out there , well that reminds me of the local trains of mumbai. The experience travelling by the trains is awesome , its a small world out there with all kinds of people sharing the same space , fighting over seats and moreover pushing and moving across is the worst part while alighting the train whew!!! its hell.

We visited some renowned places - The gateway of india , The Taj which were splendid.
The ride by a cruiser to reach Elephanta caves was wonderful , it was sheer heaven -the water , the breeze ,the ambience was perfect. On reaching the caves all we did was to take some snaps with the sculptures out there and contemplated the sublime beauty of the caves.

Our next visits were to places in navi mumbai . Karnala was one such place with a fort on the summit , it was an awesome place to trek and the view from the summit was spellbinding......
Well i was completely rejuvenated by the trek and so were my friends too i guess!!!!!!!!!

Matheran was another ideal place to trek or could be travelled by horseback too, wow!!!!!
It is a hill station and the word matheran means " jungle on top" . We had to cover a lot of scenic points , it was exhausting because of the trek and we were all the more excited because we had heard that it was "haunted" !!!!!!!!!!! Hmmm !!!!Well couldn't get a chance to meet any alien !!!Bad luck!!!!!!

Well not to forget the beaches , the popular juhu beach ,kashyap beach , the beach near alibaug - which had the high tides coming , it was fun out there.
Juhu beach probably is one of the busiest ones with all sorts of snacks to gorge , the popular chats , tasty faloodas , muaaaaah!!!!!!

Last but not the least the shopping areas ......... bandra ,linking road, CST, vashi malls , Crawford Market ,hill road , parel omigosh i wanna go right now ..........just couldn't stop shopping when we were out there , we had a hell lot of time at the malls ...........

Well on the whole mumbai is a wonderful place but not as lovely as Bangalore!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Rainy Day

What more could i ask God than his showers!!!!!!!

Hmmmm a day to indulge myself , well i had planned to watch a movie , drink a cup of tea and later on sleep of course , well as usual had to follow a different plan..... My mom and sister had planned to go for a shopping and i was to accompany them against my wishes until they said that i always make a right choice and have a good taste in selecting stuffs........hmmmmmm actually was coaxed to accompany them. Well i had nothing to lose because i loved to travel when it rained.

It is really frustrating when i don't buying anything for myself and i was feeling impatient , irritated hopping around from one shop to another .......i forgot to tell we were in the market - busiest place on earth.

Well we had almost finished our errands and all that was left was my sister buying sarees , she selected for about an hour ........ well the wait was worth it because i too was coaxed to buy a saree , sounds ridiculous to people who know me. Anyways we were done with our shopping and all that was left was to hop on a rickshaw and get home.

This part is the most interesting ..........................................................................................................

We were waiting for a rickshaw , there came along a couple of them but we refused because they were charging extra.....well the rickshaw drivers were just taking advantage of the rain and it was already 7 o'clock in the evening . Wonder what was within us ladies that kept us refusing rickshaws charging extra .......and lo behold it started to rain and all that we did was to jump into a rickshaw coming along and after we were comfortably sitting inside , he told us to pay extra 30 bucks. Wonderful this was a splendid start and my mom agreed to pay him 20 bucks extra .

Ok thus started our journey with a psycho - the rickshaw driver !!!!!!!!!!!!! I will enlighten you the experience.
He was probably in his late thirties , strong built, round faced , red eyes , he had a bandana tied around his head . He looked weird to me ........ and something in me told that we catch another rick. But it was too late, he rode as if he was the king of the road , scolding the passers-by , the road , the vehicles next to the rick whew!!!!!!

My mom kindly told him to ride safely and slowly even if it takes a long time but he wouldn't listen, all he did was act more weird . He used to barge in everywhere he found space almost ramming into the vehicles coming on the opposite side.

I wonder what excited him - 3 ladies or the rain or................
He was funny and scary , he was a singing a song to himself , laughing away to glory for no reason whew and the three of us were dumbstruck ....we didn't know whether to laugh at him or get scared-i don't think we were the independent , fearless ladies after we hopped inside the rick .

Well i was damn scared , i thought we will end up in a hospital for sure. I was praying to god and i guess my mom and sis were doing the same.My heart was beating fast , my mind was lost with all weird ideas .......wondering what if he takes us to some lonely place and robs us.

Finally we reached our destination and made him stop the rick yards away from our home sweet home ....wondering if he would bother us more....
We were so relieved to get out of the rick and head back home. All i did was hug my nephew when i got home .Later on we had a hearty laugh when we shared our experience with dad . It was a day that the three of us still remember .

I did ask God for our safety apart from the showers ............that rainy day.


I have always been pondering of what life is all about for these many years and probably continue to do so. Its always an enchanting experience for me each day , living with expectations , surprises , shocks and some things out of the blue...... that make me wonder.

I thought life was a fairytale with all good things happening in the world when i was a kid , little did i know that i had to face a world alien to my fantasy land. It was inevitable and i had to cross my land and move to a world which was fast-paced,exciting and all the more with responsibility on my shoulder.

Maybe i took a lot of time to come out of my shell but once i began to understand life , people around me , functioning of the world i became all the more confident to my perspection of life or maybe i just learnt to live a sane life . It seemed to me that i was transformed from a martian child to a normal child.......sounds funny huh? Well maybe you will get to know what i am talking about if you are a genius!!!!!!!!

We all come into this world with different views , skills and yet we are made to live a life , a life that we are made to follow come what may and we just have to go with a flow that a majority of the inhabitants of this world follow........... Well all i am trying to say is we don't have a choice we just have to get educated by going to a school , get some degrees later on and then earn a living, make a family and live happily ever after...................woah !!!!!! sounds disgusting !!! Is this what life is all about???????????? Come on there has to be something more than this.

I know not why i am here in this world but i may come to know my quest some day.....and i am waiting for that . Its been a roller-coaster ride for me these many years but on the whole its fun ,
exciting and rewarding because i get to learn ..............Life teaches us many lessons of which we ignore many, remember some if its very painful, enjoy few but we hardly need to pass any grades in the game of life.......Game reminds me - I always think that life is a game , come what may you have to go on until you finish it. Life is surely an unpredictable game , we never know who our coplayers are, our strengths, our weaknesses,our aim , our time-limit.......whew until and unless the game itself unwraps to us .

I know not when i will awaken but i surely have many things in my mind probably still sleeping ........needs some time may be................