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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Gone are those days............

I remember my first day at school ...i was apprehensive,lost, angry at mom and dad . I was wondering why should i go to school? ,why can't i study at home? . None of these questions made sense to mom and dad , i was forced to go .Thus , started my education!!!!!!!

I got accustomed to the environment days passed into months ,months into years and well the D day arrived of my farewell party at School. And i thought i had just started . Hmmmm let me share my experiences at school .

School was my second home , i just loved it - playing with friends, participating in innumerable competitions, extra-curricular activities , sports , field-trips ,excursions . The fights , the affection , the friendship , the trust between us friends whoa it was life!!!!! We used to play UNO , hangman , trump cards ,killer and a lot more between classes and free hours making a hell lot of noise. It was heaven and we used to wait for free hours or we would coax the teacher to give us one. We all had a craze over playing Table Tennis and we used to rush in the lunch break to play it .Well as i already told it was LIFE!!!!!!!!
I could go on and on but most importantly i learnt values i wanted in my life , something which i can't express but i am sure the person i am today its because of these values i hold close to my heart . My early education at school taught me not about math ,physics,history ....... but a little about myself , about the world i should live in , the path i should tread on , the dreams i should pursue and most importantly about the person i should be , to know myself .

Well Pre-University years .........well they just passed without any memories .

Then followed four years of me studying B.E. . Well these four years were fun because it was fast-paced and friends ofcourse , wonder what i would do without them!!!!!!! Its true the journey becomes enjoyable when there are friends that make the journey all the more interesting. I remember the days we bunked classes and watched movies , the trips , the canteen!!!, the fests , the days we used to sleep in classes , i think it was almost everyday!!!!!!! On the whole these four years were awesome.
I learnt a lot about myself , my strengths, my weaknesses . I saw a complete different me everyday . I learnt to see life in a very different perspective , charged up to face the challenging world.

Gone are those days which exemplified ' Ignorance is Bliss'
Gone are those days where nothing was amiss
Gone are those days when life was a fantasy
Gone are those days with pure ecstasy

Gone are those days........

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ಸುಹಾಸ್ said...

hey ceekay,, nice one.. u hav documented well of all the old gone days!! The reading also took me over to the Gone days of my life in background and cherish all those wonderfull memories.. thanks,,

I liked very much ur version on PU days!!