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Thursday, February 4, 2010

The French Connection

I always wanted to learn a foreign language, my friend suggested me that we learn French.After 2 years ,no i guess 4 of having it on my head,the D day arrived when my friend and me registered for the beginner's course. The first day of the class was hilarious and well almost all the classes after that. It was way over my head to get the pronounciations right.We had to read the given material in french ,the instructor used to guide us with the pronounciations.

Each day was fun, we used to have activities where we had to act out scenes and talk in french ofcourse.It was tough but it was fun. The first test was way over my head ,we had to listen to some nombres(numbers)and write it down, well the test went really bad .
To talk about French culture, its different, its nice,they greet in many different ways in different parts of France and thats really interesting.Its really a pleasant culture to know.

We all had an opportunity to talk about France.I chose Fashion in France. It was fun researching about Paris,The Fashion Capital ,the Haute Couture houses,the Fashion Street..........Well i ended up with a 5 minutes talk on the various fashion events in France.

One of the interesting activities was The Cooking Competition . We were given the opportunity to participate in the competition ,we had to present a French dish prepared by our team, there were 3 volunteers one of them was my friend.They prepared French Salad,i guess with beetroot. Shopping, the day before the competition was fun , we had to shop a lot of new stuffs. The day of the competition was lovely , i ended up going late but was in time to taste the most delicious Crepe.
It was lovely,luscious and the toppings on the crepe was so tasty........
After the competition our instructor showed us a French movie.It was the original Bheja Fry.
Well the course ended with an oral exam,it went pretty well.I guess i can manage to talk in French :)

On the whole the experience of learning a new language and knowing a whole new culture was great.


Suhas said...

En chante Ceekay.. German and now french.. WOW!!! Gud going gal.. Sher Gut!!

Shwetha Krish said...


summy.. said...

when wil u strt "THE TELUGU CONNECTION"....whic is supposd to be de bst languag in de wrld...

Shwetha Krish said...

Myt thts already started long bak , tel me something new :D