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Saturday, May 23, 2009


An experience that i will always cherish.

Well i was bound to go on an industrial training to Mumbai for a period of three months and i was excited , nervous and ecstatic . It was my first long endeavour away from home and i was pretty lost.

Well the D day arrived and i left for mumbai alongwith my friends. It was a day journey from Bangalore and we reached Dadar and then caught a taxi to our destination , Kharghar , Navi Mumbai.
Kharghar is a very nice place surrounded by hills and was busy only during the rush hour , thanks to the highway nearby.

I wont fill in the details about the training but will surely do so on mumbai.

Our journey in mumbai started with us exploring Kharghar -checked out the restaurants , icecream parlours , shopping areas .........well i did explore the kharghar hills eventhough it was a restricted area and i still remember the view of the sunrise from the hill ,it was scintillating.

Mumbai - City of dreams ...............

I wonder how the city works ? Its a fast paced life out there , well that reminds me of the local trains of mumbai. The experience travelling by the trains is awesome , its a small world out there with all kinds of people sharing the same space , fighting over seats and moreover pushing and moving across is the worst part while alighting the train whew!!! its hell.

We visited some renowned places - The gateway of india , The Taj which were splendid.
The ride by a cruiser to reach Elephanta caves was wonderful , it was sheer heaven -the water , the breeze ,the ambience was perfect. On reaching the caves all we did was to take some snaps with the sculptures out there and contemplated the sublime beauty of the caves.

Our next visits were to places in navi mumbai . Karnala was one such place with a fort on the summit , it was an awesome place to trek and the view from the summit was spellbinding......
Well i was completely rejuvenated by the trek and so were my friends too i guess!!!!!!!!!

Matheran was another ideal place to trek or could be travelled by horseback too, wow!!!!!
It is a hill station and the word matheran means " jungle on top" . We had to cover a lot of scenic points , it was exhausting because of the trek and we were all the more excited because we had heard that it was "haunted" !!!!!!!!!!! Hmmm !!!!Well couldn't get a chance to meet any alien !!!Bad luck!!!!!!

Well not to forget the beaches , the popular juhu beach ,kashyap beach , the beach near alibaug - which had the high tides coming , it was fun out there.
Juhu beach probably is one of the busiest ones with all sorts of snacks to gorge , the popular chats , tasty faloodas , muaaaaah!!!!!!

Last but not the least the shopping areas ......... bandra ,linking road, CST, vashi malls , Crawford Market ,hill road , parel omigosh i wanna go right now ..........just couldn't stop shopping when we were out there , we had a hell lot of time at the malls ...........

Well on the whole mumbai is a wonderful place but not as lovely as Bangalore!!!!!!!!