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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Rainy Day

What more could i ask God than his showers!!!!!!!

Hmmmm a day to indulge myself , well i had planned to watch a movie , drink a cup of tea and later on sleep of course , well as usual had to follow a different plan..... My mom and sister had planned to go for a shopping and i was to accompany them against my wishes until they said that i always make a right choice and have a good taste in selecting stuffs........hmmmmmm actually was coaxed to accompany them. Well i had nothing to lose because i loved to travel when it rained.

It is really frustrating when i don't buying anything for myself and i was feeling impatient , irritated hopping around from one shop to another .......i forgot to tell we were in the market - busiest place on earth.

Well we had almost finished our errands and all that was left was my sister buying sarees , she selected for about an hour ........ well the wait was worth it because i too was coaxed to buy a saree , sounds ridiculous to people who know me. Anyways we were done with our shopping and all that was left was to hop on a rickshaw and get home.

This part is the most interesting ..........................................................................................................

We were waiting for a rickshaw , there came along a couple of them but we refused because they were charging extra.....well the rickshaw drivers were just taking advantage of the rain and it was already 7 o'clock in the evening . Wonder what was within us ladies that kept us refusing rickshaws charging extra .......and lo behold it started to rain and all that we did was to jump into a rickshaw coming along and after we were comfortably sitting inside , he told us to pay extra 30 bucks. Wonderful this was a splendid start and my mom agreed to pay him 20 bucks extra .

Ok thus started our journey with a psycho - the rickshaw driver !!!!!!!!!!!!! I will enlighten you the experience.
He was probably in his late thirties , strong built, round faced , red eyes , he had a bandana tied around his head . He looked weird to me ........ and something in me told that we catch another rick. But it was too late, he rode as if he was the king of the road , scolding the passers-by , the road , the vehicles next to the rick whew!!!!!!

My mom kindly told him to ride safely and slowly even if it takes a long time but he wouldn't listen, all he did was act more weird . He used to barge in everywhere he found space almost ramming into the vehicles coming on the opposite side.

I wonder what excited him - 3 ladies or the rain or................
He was funny and scary , he was a singing a song to himself , laughing away to glory for no reason whew and the three of us were dumbstruck ....we didn't know whether to laugh at him or get scared-i don't think we were the independent , fearless ladies after we hopped inside the rick .

Well i was damn scared , i thought we will end up in a hospital for sure. I was praying to god and i guess my mom and sis were doing the same.My heart was beating fast , my mind was lost with all weird ideas .......wondering what if he takes us to some lonely place and robs us.

Finally we reached our destination and made him stop the rick yards away from our home sweet home ....wondering if he would bother us more....
We were so relieved to get out of the rick and head back home. All i did was hug my nephew when i got home .Later on we had a hearty laugh when we shared our experience with dad . It was a day that the three of us still remember .

I did ask God for our safety apart from the showers ............that rainy day.